Advertising encourages a desire for products which people do not actually need. Discuss.

In this 21st century, advertising plays a major role in the competitive business world. Many industries spend more capital on advertisements to attract customers away from their business rivals. Advertisements can be found everywhere, on the newspaper, billboards, television, magazine, websites and any area that could advertise the products. The impact of advertising is so huge that it causes many people to purchase things that they do not want initially. Advertisement encourages people to purchase redundant things by conveying misleading ideas and influencing people into making way decisions.. However, it still provides the avenue for people to choose wisely in their life.

Firstly, advertising encourages people to buy unessential things buy through misleading ideas. Advertisement has always been seen as a successful tool to highlight the features of products to the public even though it is deemed undesirable such as cigarette, drugs,alcohol and so on. For example, cigarette companies sought to distinguish their brands with popular slogans like “Winston tastes good like a cigarette should,” “Light up a Lucky,” and “For more pure pleasure, have a Camel!” Many cigarette makers also sponsored television shows — when Winston’s ad introduced the long-running CBS Western Gunsmoke, “cigarette” was replaced in their slogan by the sound of two gunshots. Soon, advertisement like these started to influence the public even though the dangers of smoking are well-known. Thus, advertising encourages people to buy things that are unnecessary and yet detrimental to health.

Secondly, advertising has a large impact in our lives as it has been constantly influencing us. Many businesses use advertising as a form of promotion to create awareness about their product in the market.   Hence, very often we fall prey to advertisement. We are bombarded by commercial images that imply that using certain product will cause one to become a suave and vivacious as the advertiser. For example,  many companies hired famous public figures like celebrities, sportsmen to endorse their products as a form of advertisement. Such endorsements help to increase publicity and the thrust of the products. These iconic figures display power, wealth and fame, they endorse products thus helps establish a connection between these desire qualities with the products. One of the well-known fashion brands, Luis Vuitton is endorse by famous celebrities. It is not a must to have a LV bag but since able to afford one enables you to be in the same league as the celebrities, consumers would want to desire one even if it is pricey. Thus, it shows that advertising encourages a desire for products which people do not actually need.

Furthermore, the usages of words plays a part in advertisement. It is always important to use the right word at the right time as every keyword has a purpose behind. Most advertisement that are found in paper or websites uses convincing and persuasive words. Words such as “free”,”limited”, “offer” and “guarantee” will attract more response to the advertising.  Thus, using persuasive words will help to encourage a desire for products which people may not need at all.

However, advertising also encourages people to make the right choices while purchasing things that are essential in their daily live. Advertising plays a part in helping consumers to compare and weigh the quality of a product in terms of price, reliability and so on. Without advertising, it will be very difficult for consumers to judge the worthiness of a product. For example, instead of being stuck to a brand which may not offer the best option, advertisement provides us many other same kind of products too though it is different in terms of branding. Most of us know that L’OREAL is a good facial wash, however some might not think so and prefer Biotherm face wash. Thus, without the power of advertising, consumers may not know which is the most suitable product for oneself.

In conclusion, even though advertising have influenced people to buy things that they do not want by providing misleading ideas and influencing people into making wrong decisions, advertising has done people a favour too by helping consumers to choose wisely. Therefore, I agree that advertising encourages a desire for products which people do not actually need but moderation is the key when it comes to choosing the right advertisement.






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